december 2013

A new world of inspiration

This is the first day I´m here at the office. It´s still christmas holidays for many so they still have ime off from work. Modernista really has a soul, and what a great way to stay inspired by all these books!  I have a deadline, not that much time to be honest, but I will make it. As long as I have structure and can keep my focus, this book will be a piece of cake. But here I am… Feeling happy and free!


IMG_1589 IMG_1591 IMG_1592 IMG_1593  IMG_1603 IMG_1605 IMG_1606 this little darling is truly happy to keep me warm 🙂 

Key to freedom!

I picked up my keys to my office spot at the publishing house Modernista. This key is a symbol of freedom! This really gives me the opportunity to stay focused on the writing process of my book. To have a place where I can go any day, any time just to write and be creative! And to have the privilege to be around well established people to ask and get help/advices from. I am so thankful! This is the best Xmas gift ever, I´m ready, let´s do this!!!



First video blog ever! – Using mindmaps

Okey now.. this is NEW and FUN!!! First try of video blogging, have patience with me friends, but I think it turned out pretty good Welcome to my world (and my kitchen) 🙂

Using mindmaps is a very great tool to keep your businesslife in structure and helps you get more things done! If you don´t use mindmaps, start today – it´s easy, fun and effective!

TEDx Stockholm – Embracing Failure

Today was a night of inspiration and motivation!

TEDxStockholmsalon #4 – Embracing Failure


“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: The fear of Failure:” Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist.

TEDxStockholm believes in the importance of talking about failure – the one thing that most people experience at some point in their life – and the one thing that you most probably have to go through in order to achieve a dream.

Speakers of the night was:

M Sahlin

Mona Sahlin: 

Mona became politically active for SSU at an early age and was elected in 1982, at age 25, into the Swedish parliament. Over the years, she has held positions as Minister of Labor, Member of the Social Democrats’ executive committee and Deputy Prime Minister. In 2007, she was elected as the first ever female party leader for the Swedish Social Democrats and stumbled close to become Sweden’s first female Prime Minister. Nowadays, she works with issues that strongly engage her. Among other things, she is a member of the board of the Expo foundation and Chairman of the Anna Lindh Memorial Fund.


Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 02.04.17

Tor Rauden Källstigen:

Tor is a serial entrepreneur with a background ranging from melodramatic techno to North Korean denim jeans. Right now he is living in Berlin where he runs Loopcam, one of the most popular mobile video services in the world. Tor will share with us his personal learnings on how to cope with common obstacles in order to reach your goals.


Johan Ernst Nilson:

For 20 years Johan Ernst Nilson has traveled around the globe pushing the limits and exploring what he calls “The True Potential of our Mind and Body”. The adventures have brought him to the summit of Mt. Everest and from the North Pole to the South Pole. Today, Johan is working 50% of his time with charity projects and NGOs, and is mentor and ambassador of organizations like MinStoraDag.

Mona Sahlin commented on my initiative in 2010 when I at the age of 17 showed that we don´t need not wait for an election every four years to make a difference. It is what we do in our everyday life that matters. A demonstration against racism where 10,000 people gathered was a pretty strong proof how people would rather unite in love than in hatred. In 2010 I was nominated to the Swedish heroes – ”Felicia is an excellent nominee., She caught up and made something positive of what many felt., She can be proud, says Sahlin.”

995300_10152085269601063_1855919122_nThis subject is something that is rrrrrrrreally intresting… As I meet people and specially when I´m out meeting youth people in schools and other events/projects I talk about having the courage to listen to your heart, your intuition. It somehows allready knows where you´re going. To have the courage to take that CHANCE (not a risk), to take that CHANCE to failure to be able to succeed. It goes hand in hand. You can not have success if you havn´t failed. Just try, but do it better. It might sound like a cliché but it´s not – LEARN from your misstakes. You fail when you stop trying.

Tired eyes and energy, but awakening in my heart and soul – THANK YOU for todays meeting

Just returned from a fantastic evening . Exhausted , tired and I can barely keep my eyes open . But my heart is so alert, lively and happy! A big THANK YOU to everyone who attended tonight on our dialogue meeting for a better Edsberg and about our new youth activities that we WILL start up together with the youth and youth adults. I want to give a special thanks to guest speakers Richard Buske ( Security in Sollentuna), Anders Morin ( FP) Chairman of the Education and Employment Committee, Magnus Ramstrand (KD) Chairman of Culture and Leisure . An Additional thanks to Maria Stockhaus (M) councilor chairman of the Children and Youth Committee , Anna-Karin from the Security , Eduardo Alvaro Zagal ( Löparakademin ), Jonas Bygdeson ( My Dream Now) , former colleagues and teachers from the Edsbergs School , Kalle and Kalle from Youth Marketing and Research , Crippe that we worked with last summer with activities for young people and Julia ( Maskrosbarn ) who took the time to attend. But an EXTRA thank all YOUNGSTERS who attended and to Jasmina who helped with the preparations with refreshments and coffee.

Mona, my dear friend . We did it ! Now we’ve really set the ball rolling , next stop – Meeting with politicians. Take this into action! We are ready with statistical , business plan and long-term budget / funding proposal. But above all , young people’s own thoughts and ideas from tonight’s workshop – about what is important in an organization like this . Why , how, what and who will manage what. This is a shared responsibility , so let ‘s do this !

Thank you and GOODNIGHT !

IMG_0752Mona, we have a history together when we both worked at the same recreation center in 2011. We came close to each other and realized even then that our hearts are passionate about the same questions when it comes to young people , how to operate a business and what you can do better as an individual and as a team. I had to stop at the recreation center and it came as a shock to both me, my collegeus, the youths and Mona . We had just started to build a better organization and better communication with the young people , especially with the girls when we started with a girl group where we had a focus on personal development, creativity and activities.
Years passed , Mona worked there but after what happened last summer in Edsberg ( beatings, shootings and threats against staff ) Mona also had to quit. We know how it is , and it ‘s been tough for both of us to have to leave an organization where we have had such a great contact and relationship with the young people . Me and Mona was an awesome team, but , today we are a stronger team . We have grown and evolved together over the summer and stand here today with open arms. We will now start up an organization with a more adult environment , a place where they can come to reflect, develop and influence their lives for the better. Taking the step to dare to follow their dreams , education, work , visions and dreams that might start their own , homework help and inspiration evenings with lectures / tours . Partnerships with other organizations that work with the same issues. Today was a big day for us …


”History will have to record That the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people . ”

Thank you Reach For Change Sweden 2013

I am so excited for 2014!!! I can feel the energy in the air, not only for myself and my business and project but also for these five people/organizations that got the Reach For Change incubator program as this years Change Leaders!


Arkan Asaad
Right 2 Choose
A national organization that educates the forced marriage and human rights , the right to be free to choose their life.

Sanna Bergendahl
Storasyster (Bigsister)
An idea for helping children who have been sexually abused to dare to tell , reporting and giving assistance early enough .

Georgios Karpathakis
wonderful ADHD
Sweden’s only dedicated ADHD organization and platform that diagnosed children , families , schools , nursing and healthcare come together to jointly achieve positive social change .

Rosie Linder and Jesper Engström
With the goal of preventing bullying , eQidz creates the world’s first mobile EQ games for children betweeen 3-6 years and their parents with the aim of through humor and role-playing to teach all about friendship, cooperation , feelings and empathy.

Madeleine Opira
A Million Minds
A Million Minds is a think tank that helps with ideas in different ways, enabling positive change in the million programs areas.
”Earlier this fall the Foundation Reach for Change came out of the country to look for people with cutting-edge ideas about how life can be better for children. In parallel, the hunt also continued in several other countries around the world – Chad, Ghana , Kazakhstan, Rwanda and Tanzania.

These will wage funding for up to three years, access to an incubator program and support from some of the industry’s brightest minds in the Kinnevik Group. That way, they put all their effort and time on developing their idea so that it can reach and help as many children as possible. The persons selected will be part of a global network of child rights heroes like Reach for Change supports .”

Reach for Change, THANK YOU for this year – I´ll see you next year! I am so thankful for this opportunity and to make it to the top 32 really gave me some creds and confirmation that I´m on the right track with my idea. Next time we´ll see eachother it won´t just be an idea in my head and heart, let´s get to work and make this to REALITY!!!

Kärleken är starkare än hatet – 5i12 priset nu och då

Det värmer hela mitt hjärta och själ, att höra dig tala Jason fick mig att förstå att kärleken är starkare än hatet. Och det nämnade jag själv när jag, år 2010 stod i riksdagen och tog emot 5i12-rörelsens pris (för det initiativ till manifestationerna mot rasism på Sergels torg)
Jag var 17 år och stod där med handen i mitt hjärta. Jag talade om individuellt ansvar. Ansvar att stå upp för sig själv, för sina medmänniskor, våra barn och kommande generationer. Att stå upp och TALA för ens rättigheter. Jag som var för ung för att rösta, men bevisade att en person kan göra skillnad och att det ibland bara handlar om att ta det klivet, modet att lyssna till sitt hjärta. Jag lyfte upp ungdomarna, så som Du, Jason talar om människans rätt till att få känna, drömma, leva och tro, så såg och ser jag än idag på dagens ungdomar. TACK Jason för att du står upp för dig och alla dem människor som delar samma visioner och känslor. Tillsammans är vi starka

Se Jasons tal här;

Vi ses ikväll! Inspirationsspridaren boksignering

God eftermiddag fantastiska människa! Ja, jag pratar med dig! 🙂

Fick hem ett paket för en liten stund sen, öppnade den och fick se denna underbart vackra bok! – Inspirationsspridaren

Jag fick möjligheten att berätta om min upplevelse så jag som 17åring anordnade en demonstration mot rasism dagen efter valet. En fantastisk upplevelse som kom att förändra hela mitt liv, än till idag…

Kom förbi och häng med mig och några av dem andra inspirerande människorna från boken, samt träffa författarna Petra och Johanna! 🙂 Vi ses ikväll på  Akademibokhandeln vid Hötorget (Kungsgatan 48, Stockholm) kl 17:00


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