januari 2014

Camp Connect 2014 planning days

I spent two days with some of the most inspiring youthorganizations around the country. This initiative is from Fryshuset and the network Fryshusandan,

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Camp Connect is Swedens biggest youth entrepreneur camp, where kids and youths from the country gathers to CONNECT, to spread, share and create new ideas to make the society better. This is a camp for and of youths! Here is a video from last years camp,  I can´t wait to be a part of it this year, and to get the chance to plan it – feels AWESOME! 🙂

Do what you love and HAVE FUN!

I spent my morning with some of Swedens most inspiring people in their field. I met Magdalena Bibik in the morning to do a podcast about young entrepreneurship and shared some of my story how it was so start up a business as a young girl in the maledominated world of photography. Magdalena is such an amazing woman, a truly health and fitness profile for many women around the country! Always a great pleasure to meet her, I think we have some of the easteuropeean drive in us 😉


After our meeting it was time to meet up with two of the guys from the famous Rackartygarna – Swedens craziest blog! Sweden’s largest film group specializing in ExtremeSport & Humor. Rackartygarna is a group of six guys who received a total of over 20 million Youtube Views! They were an exelent example for my book; Generation Uppkopplad 

Martin and Rasmus shared their story of how they went from snowboarding and doing gymnastic with their friends, how they as a group started a blog and then a youtube channel that then EXPLODED! Today they have their own clothingline and tv program on the swedish tv6. Very inspiring to meet them, and I´m sure that alot of partens and kids will feel the same when they read about them in the book 🙂

”One of the most important thing to us, is to do what you love and HAVE FUN while doing it :)!” Rasmus, Rackartygarna


Inspirationday and lecture about the impact of social media

Tomorrow I’ll spend a whole day together with about 30 other health-oriented training and happy women at Skepparholmen! I have seen the commercial on tv X number of times and look soooo forward to some relaxation 🙂 It is not just relaxation for my part, I will give a lecture about social media and what power you have and how you can influence and make a change!
”An inspirational lecture with Felicia Margineanu, the driven social entrepreneur and photographer who has been successful in her own way to use social media.”

After the lecture I will jump in the pool and relaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaax 🙂 I so need it… Very thankful allready.

That birthday on Disneyland…

I see how I stand there … with my son in one hand, a daughter in the other, which in her hand holds her little sister’s hand .. I am embraced by my husband. There are fireworks and we are at Disneyland. The babygirl has a biiiig cotton candy that she has gone around the whole day with, and struggled to eat up, big sister has got lot of necklaces from all the Disney princesses and little Leon-Alexander hold onto his Nemo stuffed animal.. We creates memories, photographs and documents to the family book. When we are at home we are painting, dancing, singing and playing monkeys … But this particular Disney evening, will I have one day
disney 2
* I´m turning 21 in about 45 min… Life is just amazing, and it can just get better and better, I look forward to whatever life has to offer. But this Disney evening, I will have one day when it´s my birthday…..

A HAPPY way to success!

When I walked home from the train today I couldn´t stop thinking; ”How the HELL do I have time for all of my projects and work?… I feel like superwoman!” – and yes, I AM superwoman! 🙂

I see people working 9-5, day in day out, fall asleep on the way home on the train, almost so they miss their station. I see peoples faces… They look so sad. So tired. I kept on having the conversation on my head… ”HOW do I have time and the energy for all of this?
How come I´m not sad, mad or even tired?…

I MAKE time for it.

And I make time for myself. It hit me. I spend quality time with myself and whats making me happy. For me, being focused is sometimes not to have focus at all. Drop the control, drop the ” I need to, I must, I should, I would” and just HAVE FUN and do whatever it is that makes you happy and gives you that sparkle in your eyes. This is how I do it;

Dance Salsa

Cuddle with my babies Magic & Ice
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Work out



What brings sparkle in your eyes? Please share! 🙂