Create for the sake of creating

.Habari ya jioni my friends! Good evening from Nairobi, Kenya.


WOW what an inspiring week I´ve had here in Kenya with the Sweden@Kenya project. Sweden@Kenya is a forum for Swedish and Kenyan entrepreneurs within creative and cultural industries. Through discussions, masterclasses and studio work, the forum focuses on the economic potential of innovation, digitalisation and creativity. Built on the two countries’ expertise and experience, the Sweden@Kenya platform aims to explore the economical and societal potential of the creative sector and provide an exchange of knowledge and ideas.

I will write a post about the project itself later, but right now I feel the need to share some thoughts about CREATIVITY. I started with photography when I was 13 years old, and the camera became my very best friend. Photography took me to places I only could dream of, and all the amazing people I would met and work with along the way.

I started my own business when I was 17, as a freelance photographer and my mission was to work in fashion and commercial. Unfortunatley, the industry itself is very dirty and as a young woman, I got to see the sexism and the way women was sexual objectified in media. I noticed how my pictures changed along the way from a very urban kind of photograph to more commercial – I mean, I even created those pictures where the female model often got objectified in a way and then did the retouch in photoshop. I had to, to be able to make money.

My photography slowly but surley started to dissapear from my life since I started to work more with social impact, youth engagement and public speaking – I was working with another part of my heart.


I would be lying big time if I said I havn´t missed photography. For the past 2 years I have been working with creating OhSnap! Sweden – a photography platform for young girls with the camera as our tool to challanges norms, beauty ideals and prejudices. So In a way I still had photography in my life. But this week, something happend inside of me. I came to live again, as a photographer. I was so inspired by the Sweden@Kenya Fashion show that the amazing Elin Frendberg CEO from The Swedish Fashion Council and the Kenyan Designer Sunny Dolat created, combining minimalistic Swedish and Kenyan fashion. When I saw Mauryn on the catwalk, my heart just screamed – I WANT TO SHOOT HER! – with the camera, haha. So I reached out to her on Instagram asking her if she wanted to join me for a photoshoot. To my surprised she said YES and got a team of a makeup artist, Sinitta, and stylist, Bryan.

15032274_898050606998167_7407404339098647553_n 15037179_898050593664835_5403656786657461114_n


This is the results, after several years of not shooting anything like this.

Photographer: Felicia Margineanu
Model: Mauryn Theo
Makeup: Sinatta Akello
Stylist: Bryan Emry

img_5695web img_5698webimg_5950eb img_5969web img_5993 img_6006 img_6158web img_6166

There is a big lesson learned here, that I think had to take it´s time. To create just for the sake of it. For the pleasure, joy and happiness. What I most definetly take home with me from Nairobi, is the butterflies in my stomach when I think of photography again. And that it is OK for things to take it´s time, to disconnect and detach from things. If it is meant to be, it will find the way back again.