A HAPPY way to success!

When I walked home from the train today I couldn´t stop thinking; ”How the HELL do I have time for all of my projects and work?… I feel like superwoman!” – and yes, I AM superwoman! 🙂

I see people working 9-5, day in day out, fall asleep on the way home on the train, almost so they miss their station. I see peoples faces… They look so sad. So tired. I kept on having the conversation on my head… ”HOW do I have time and the energy for all of this?
How come I´m not sad, mad or even tired?…

I MAKE time for it.

And I make time for myself. It hit me. I spend quality time with myself and whats making me happy. For me, being focused is sometimes not to have focus at all. Drop the control, drop the ” I need to, I must, I should, I would” and just HAVE FUN and do whatever it is that makes you happy and gives you that sparkle in your eyes. This is how I do it;

Dance Salsa

Cuddle with my babies Magic & Ice
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Work out



What brings sparkle in your eyes? Please share! 🙂

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