Back to school?!

I am thankful. This is my secondary school, I went here for 3 years and it was some of the best and worse years of my life. This is where I saw how much energy and drive I had, I started to see and feel that school maybe wasn’t anything for me. I wanted to see the world, work and develop my photography, I just felt that this ain’t ME! My Swedish/English teacher Carina was the one that really saw me. She encouraged me to take pictures, to stay focused and to not let other people around me effect me and my dreams. (I was a lonely girl, premature and didn’t really got that much friends. None to be honest. Except my teacher..) she’s been to all of my events the past years and today; I will have a lecture about the power of social media and talk about my book, the kids will get the chance to brainstorm and discuss with me about internet/social media and get to influence the book. Pretty cool!!! I hope that they will get inspired and feel as I felt for my teacher. That she sees me!!!


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