Celebrating International Women´s Day

On International Women´s Day I pulished some photos that I took to celebrate women and our bodies no matter our shape, forms, age, ethnicity or age. This is called Imperfectly Perfect, a collaboration and project with me and the artist Pernilla Pramberg. We wanted to do something to challenge society’s ideal of beauty and norms which often sexually objectifies women. We went out of social media and called for women who wanted to join and challenge the image of the female body, and also strip down naked in the middle of Sergels Torg in Stockholm. And this is the result.


Unfortunately after only a couple of hours my photo got deleted on Facebook because of nudity. I uploaded it again but then together with another picture that a man published on his page. This was my post.

Not long after this post, my photo got deleted again, but his was still left. Facebook deleted my picture and then blocked me. It is because we show the nipples and this dude doesn’t. This is just another case showing how unethic Facebook is when it comes to sexism. We can see this in animal cruilty, women breast feeding, violence and children abuse.


I still want to give a BIG SHOUT OUT to all the women that took the courage to do this with us, and we made a national buzz in Sweden and got Romanian news, and this also brings up the subject of why some pictures of women are allowed and some are not. How come sexual objectified and sexists pictures are still up? Well, the struggle continues and I am willing to do all I can in my power to continue to challange the norms and empower women and young girls all over the world through photography. THANK YOU ALL!!!

You can support this and buy your own picture here

This years 101 Super Talents by Veckans Affärer

I can’t believe how blessed I am to be surrounded by so many inspiring friends and people. Thank you once again Veckans Affärer for this remarkable nomination to be one of your 101 Super Talents this year, in the category Influencer.

”Social entrepreneur who founded a creative organization for girls, OhSnap!, where they uses the camera as a tool for social impact. She has previously worked with an antiracist movement and got an award from UN. In 2015 she published her first book ”Connected – a guide to social medias opportunities”.

Keep your head up high and follow your heart! Ishtar Touailat Gül Alci Siavosh Derakhti Alexander Pärleros Suad Ali Siduri Poli Caroline Lidman Kajsa Lundborg and so many more!

OhSnap! 2016

Vad har OhSnap! Sweden gjort under 2016?

Mitt hjärta och själ ligger i att driva och utveckla verksamheten OhSnap! Sweden som jag grundade hösten 2014. Vårt uppdrag är att ge unga tjejer, genom fotografering möjligheten att uppleva sin värld på ett nytt sätt och göra positiva val för sina liv. Vi sätter kameror i händerna på deltagarna och placerar dem i utmanande miljöer och diskussioner som berör unga tjejer idag, där dem är omgivna av duktiga ledare och förebilder. Genom fotografering får våra deltagare hitta sin röst, identitet, kreativitet, och får nytt förtroende i sitt värde och förmågor.






– Vi har utbildat ytterligare 40 tjejer i Stockholm, b.la i Järvaskolan, Sollentuna kommun och Hässelby/Vällingby

– Vi har rest till Nairobi, tillsammans med Svenska Institutet med projektet Sweden@Kenya.

– Föreläst och haft workshops på skolor över hela landet med fokus på normer, stereotypa könsroller och bildens makt.

– Jag har fått utmärkelserna: Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the world, Sverige, Årets Sociala Entreprenör av SweTurk , fick årets Innovation pris av ECCO shoes och kammade hem en tredje plats i The Brewhouse Awards

– Jag gjorde mitt allra första TEDx talk och berättade om mitt mission att stärka unga tjejer med kameran som verktyg

– Vi utmanade de kvinnliga Lucia idealen och nådde ut till över en halv miljon människor under en vecka med våra bilder

2017 kommer att bli ett mycket spännande år! Vill du stödja oss i vårt fortsatta arbete med att stärka ännu fler tjejer med kameran som verktyg? Swisha en gåva till 1230 868 950 eller till bankgiro 113-7983 och ange ditt namn.

Jag vill passa på att tacka alla underbara människor och verksamheter vi jobbat med under året och som tror på oss: Järvaskolan, Sollentuna kommun, Arena Satelliten, Lava, Svenska institutet, TOYP Sweden, SweTurk Awards, Brewhouse, TEDxSSE, Iamproud, Jens Andersson, City Studios, Accenture, Oneframe Sthlm, TILIA – trygghet, stöd & vägledning för unga, Raoul Wallenberg Academy & Raoul Wallenberg Differencemakers, ECCO Shoes


Se mitt TEDx talk här

#allasvårlucia – bryta de traditionella kvinnliga Lucianormerna

En vecka har gått sedan Iamproud och OhSnap Sweden lanserade vår kampanj #allasvårlucia, för att utmana de traditionella kvinnliga Lucianormerna. Att kampanjen skulle väcka känslor hade vi förberett oss på, men att genomslaget skulle vara så stort och att ert engagemang skulle vara så otroligt kunde vi inte i vår vildaste fantasi drömma om. Kampanjen har nått nära EN HALV MILJON personer, fått över 50000 gilla-markeringar och delats sammanslaget tusentals gånger. Vill vi genom detta inlägg tacka alla som står upp för allas lika värde och framförallt tacka våra fantastiska modeller; Simone Rishede, Josephine Öhrlund, Eva Von Wernstedt, Tereza Luyirika, Gunilla Wenngren, Lana Lana, Ester Macova och Moha Frikraft. Dessutom vill vi önska er en fortsatt trevlig Lucia.

Önskar jag, Casandra Hallberg och Sophia Anderberg

Fotograf: Felicia Margineanu

img_3292 img_3322 img_3369 img_3395 img_3465 img_3487  img_3552


Create for the sake of creating

.Habari ya jioni my friends! Good evening from Nairobi, Kenya.


WOW what an inspiring week I´ve had here in Kenya with the Sweden@Kenya project. Sweden@Kenya is a forum for Swedish and Kenyan entrepreneurs within creative and cultural industries. Through discussions, masterclasses and studio work, the forum focuses on the economic potential of innovation, digitalisation and creativity. Built on the two countries’ expertise and experience, the Sweden@Kenya platform aims to explore the economical and societal potential of the creative sector and provide an exchange of knowledge and ideas.

I will write a post about the project itself later, but right now I feel the need to share some thoughts about CREATIVITY. I started with photography when I was 13 years old, and the camera became my very best friend. Photography took me to places I only could dream of, and all the amazing people I would met and work with along the way.

I started my own business when I was 17, as a freelance photographer and my mission was to work in fashion and commercial. Unfortunatley, the industry itself is very dirty and as a young woman, I got to see the sexism and the way women was sexual objectified in media. I noticed how my pictures changed along the way from a very urban kind of photograph to more commercial – I mean, I even created those pictures where the female model often got objectified in a way and then did the retouch in photoshop. I had to, to be able to make money.

My photography slowly but surley started to dissapear from my life since I started to work more with social impact, youth engagement and public speaking – I was working with another part of my heart.


I would be lying big time if I said I havn´t missed photography. For the past 2 years I have been working with creating OhSnap! Sweden – a photography platform for young girls with the camera as our tool to challanges norms, beauty ideals and prejudices. So In a way I still had photography in my life. But this week, something happend inside of me. I came to live again, as a photographer. I was so inspired by the Sweden@Kenya Fashion show that the amazing Elin Frendberg CEO from The Swedish Fashion Council and the Kenyan Designer Sunny Dolat created, combining minimalistic Swedish and Kenyan fashion. When I saw Mauryn on the catwalk, my heart just screamed – I WANT TO SHOOT HER! – with the camera, haha. So I reached out to her on Instagram asking her if she wanted to join me for a photoshoot. To my surprised she said YES and got a team of a makeup artist, Sinitta, and stylist, Bryan.

15032274_898050606998167_7407404339098647553_n 15037179_898050593664835_5403656786657461114_n


This is the results, after several years of not shooting anything like this.

Photographer: Felicia Margineanu
Model: Mauryn Theo
Makeup: Sinatta Akello
Stylist: Bryan Emry

img_5695web img_5698webimg_5950eb img_5969web img_5993 img_6006 img_6158web img_6166

There is a big lesson learned here, that I think had to take it´s time. To create just for the sake of it. For the pleasure, joy and happiness. What I most definetly take home with me from Nairobi, is the butterflies in my stomach when I think of photography again. And that it is OK for things to take it´s time, to disconnect and detach from things. If it is meant to be, it will find the way back again.

My first visit to Nairobi, Kenya!

Jamo jambo my dear friends!

I´m home again after a short, intense but very excited viset to Nairobi, Kenya. This visit was within the project that I am a part of with The Swedish Insitute and The Swedish Embassy in Kenya together with different Kenyan entrepreneurs, artists and others in the creative sector.

In November we will have a conference in Nairobi where we want to lift up and disguss the challenges and opportunities within the creative sector. Different aereas that we will discuss is about sustainibility, fashion/tech, the creative sector as a business and public spaces.

Day 1

So on day one we went to the GoDown Art Centre where we met Joy and her crew. The GoDown Arts Centre is Nairobi and Kenya’s first center for current and innovative culture. The center acts as an incubator for companies in the creative industries – and artists – assisted by active and customized business support, facilities, technical and commercial networks, and financing. A development of the physical location of GoDown Arts Centre is meant to serve as an engine of renewal of the entire area. The GoDown located in an industrial area, but operations are being phased opening the possibility of a renewal of the entire area.



Day 2






It was truly inspiring to meet these different artist and to see and hear about their art and work. Afterwards we went to The Nest Collective and met up with George, Sunny and their crew. The Nest explores the troubling modern identities, re-imagine their pasts and remix the futures. They are createing work together using film, visual arts, music and fashion – dissecting and subverting the layers of how Africans are seen and unseen, what Africans can and cannot do, where Africans can and cannot go, and what Africans can and cannot say.




Day 2
Day two was all abot work and planning for the conference in November, we met with our different groups and visited Marc Kamau at BRCK and iHub. BRCK is a team of software developers, engineers and technologists who are from Africa. They a long history of building things, such as Ushahidi, Crowdmap and the iHub. The BRCK was designed and prototyped in Nairobi, Kenya. They wanted a connectivity device that fit our needs, where electricity and internet connections are problematic both in urban and rural areas.





Here is my awesome group! Mutua Matheka, photographer, Mwaniki Mageria, film producer, ME, and Brit Stakston, digital media expert and strategist. We are brainstorming and talking about how the creative sector can be a transformative force for change, and also how the creative sector IS A BUSINESS and the people who works in are doing very important work and that it´s not ”just a hobby”.

We also went to Mutuas studio and met his crew, Mutua and I are very similar in many ways. We both love photography and uses the camera as a tool for social impact, encourage new perspectives and lifting up young people. Mutua is one of Kenyas most popular photographers and has a very inspiring Instagram account, make sure to follow him! @Truthslinger



Mutua also showed me and Brit around in Nairobi city. Wow the city is ALIVE! People everywhere, cool builings both new and from the brittish colony time. We got the best view over Nairobi on the top of the The Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC).



We all got invited to the Swedish Ambassador´s recidence and had a lovely lunch and work day planning once again, for the conference in November.






And finally, can you possible be in Nairobi and not go to the national park to see the animals? OF COURSE NOT! 🙂

14232480_10154390706681063_2263536473300406318_n 14322259_10154390706596063_7669306169772696098_n 14232455_10154390706566063_1017941180652365229_n 14237538_10154390706491063_2825425698690202037_n 14317315_10154390706406063_8988749901978901675_n

Felicia Margineanu Föreläsning!

TEDx talk – Felicia Margineanu

In autumn I wrote in my manifestation book that one of my goals in 2016 was to do a TEDx talk. I April this happened! I was so nervous is was shaking and this is for sure one of the biggest dreams I’ve had so far!!!

I’m sharing my personal story and the idea of finding yourself behind the camera, how to break free of the norms and break the stereotypical idea of a man and a woman. Our media society and popular culture is not only hurting, but also pulling back a lot of young girls and guys into becoming their own authentic self.

Please enjoy my talk and share it with your friends if you like it ? THANK YOU!

Jury at Swedish championships in junior enterprise 2016

I got the honor to be one of the jury members in the category ”Social entrepreneur” in this years Swedish Mastership in junior enterprise. This event is hosted by ”Ung Företagsamhet” – Young Enterprise, Sweden.

Young Enterprise is a politically independent , non-profit educational organization.
Since 1980 , we have trained high school students in the entrepreneurship process
through education UF enterprise. Since 2009 , we also work on the elementary school.

We started the day to read through the final 6 candidates, it was a total mix of social enterprises. One who wanted to challenge the norms in labels and greeting cards, one who wanted to save the Swedish Östersjön from fishing nets that is poisoning our lakes and oceans from the metals that is in the nets, one who wanted to encourage kids to move more and be more aware of diet, health and training through a soccer camp, and some more. 13245423_10154091991771063_7247528248844563622_n


We took a walk through to our participants and roasted them with questions such as:
– What social challange is it that you want to change through your company, and how will you do so?

– How will you measure your social effects?

– Who is your target group and client group?

– Why did you approach this specific social problem?

– How will you create a sustainable company, both financial and social?

And much much more…

I just LOVE to hear how people think and how they present their ideas and visions. Some of them had a really good pitch and felt very secure, mature and aware in their own process.


Meet Mickey Finn:
The basic idea of our company is to manufacture handmade bracelet with locally made hooks and the bottom line from the use of fishing nets from the Baltic Sea. The bottom line contains lead, which we recycle and thereby the underwater life benefits from our choice of materials. With minimal emissions for transportation, we also make the acidified lakes a service. For further help, we donate even 25% of estimated profits to our partner Älvräddarna and Sportfiskarna working actively to improve Sweden’s waterways.


Meet Soccer Camp Mora

Our mission is to offer a high quality football camp for children, we even put the entire family’s health in focus by offering free gym for the parents. Our camp is for children and young people in elementary school from grades one to six. During these weekends we played , laughed , taught the children how a good diet looks like and learned how to cooperate. We tailor each grade games and exercises to their age , because the younger need to focus on the fun of the sport , while the older of course also need joy but more serious and disciplined training.


We have written and illustrated a fictional children’s book that touches  the topic diabetes, targeting type 1. As a parent it can be hard to tell their children what diabetes is. There are terms that are difficult to understand for both children and adults that the book explains in a simple way. This is to increase awareness which ultimately leads to increased understanding, engagement and control of the disease diabetes. The characters in the book are entirely based on real children whose families we have met and spent time with during the product development process. This means that children can relate to the everyday situations the children in the book exposed. Situations where the diabetes can cause complications. The book is unique in its market because there is no other readily available children’s book that touches just diabetes type 1. Diabetes is a disease that easily remains in the background and we have, with the help of our book, increased timeliness and attention surrounding the disease.


Meet Reflow

Reflow provides a ”peer to peer” service for residential ownership households in a fast, easy and convenient way want to get rid of their source-sorted waste, without having to go to the recycling plant. The service is made possible by a digital platform, namely a mobile application, through which the account-holding households can easily go in and add a pickup order for its source-separated waste. This is not more difficult than that as households go into the app, check the what kind of waste you they want to deliver to the garbage disposal station by clicking the ”request pick-up” and then carry out their waste bins. When the order is sent shows up on a map of the application to other private users: the getter. These can then reserve the household, get there, empty vessels and then run away with it to the nearest recycling plant. When the household is marked ready takes an automatic payment from the household side. Alongside its core business provides Reflow even the purchase of recycling containers. This is partly because they it will be as easy as possible for those households that are not sorted prior to actually start sorting, and partly to the households who feel that they want to start using our service will not have to go and look for vessels that correspond our requirements.



Meet Ung Politik – Young politic

We want to increase the voters with the first-time voters and those who have a foreign background . This by mediating political knowledge in various forms primarily to schools, Swedish for immigrants and similar organizations with our political handbook.


A society with a heterogeneous group of individuals , a society characterized by diversity in everything from ethnicity, sexuality to sex also means an enriched society. It is therefore time to lift this diversity and break the negative norms we have in our society by allowing everybody to be represented. We do this on our cards and labels by creating a scene where we have everything from the disabled, homosexuals to a dark-skinned female elf in the center. Our target group was therefore all who celebrate Christmas , Ramadan , birthdays and so on. In that audience is so broad , we try to reach out to our customers in various ways . In addition to social media and digital channels , you can buy our products in several central Borås shops , organizations and religious communities .





After meeting all the finalist we sat down and chose our WINNER! We took this really serious and wants to give a big big shout out to all participants for their hard work, and a big congratulations to the winner!!! The winner is…….

It´s still a secret! But those will be presented here after tonight!


Meet the JURY!

Me 🙂 , Per Collins – ICA, Malin Nyhren – student and previous young enterprise student, Stephanos Tecle – ICA handlarna, Staffan Taylor – speaker and inspirer


600 kids about social media

Ever wondered what 600 kids does on social media? I have the answer!

I was invited to a school here in Stockholm to talk about social medias opportunities, since that is what I focus on. I am so sick and tired of the medias picture of internet and social media when it comes to kids using. Net hate, bullying, suicide, stress, gaming etc etc. I am NOT saying that those things doesn´t excists, but we have to show the positive sides too. How could we cheer and encourage the positivte sides if we´re not aware of them?

I started the day with meeting the whole school, over 600 students in two lectures. After the lecture I sent them back to their classrooms with their teachers where they got some questions to answer, discuss and write them down – or however they wanted to illustrate their answers.

1. What social media do you use, and what do you do there?
2. What positive/negative things are there in social media?
3. What responsibility do you have on internet? And what can you do if someone gets bullied?
4. What could your parents/teachers do to learn more about social media and to understand you more?
5. How are you being critic to the source? Do you believe in everything you see/read?

I got over 100 papers back with some really inspired drawings, ideas and thoughts. I sat and gathered all the information from every single paper, to later meet their parents and talked with them about the results. This was a really fun and inspiring way to work, I love to interact and envolve people, not just to stand and speaking for one hour and then I´m gone.

13102894_10154076083951063_5851842675726432182_n 13124970_10154076084421063_8786887800061062122_n   13139127_10154076084271063_1574834060048446080_n  13151846_10154076084556063_7552977981346668750_n  13177065_10154076084641063_5231550184908924250_n

Here are some of their thoughts and ideas:

Social media platforms
Instagram, Kik, Snapchat, ask.fm, Periscope, Youtube, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Skype, ooVoo, 9gag, Viber, momio, vine, musicali.ly, Minecraft, Roblox, Google, Wikipedia, Netflix

What do I do?
– Talk to friends, family, cousins, extended family both in other countries and at home.
– Listen to music
– Following celebrities
– Viewing images, like and follow each other
– Play games
– Chat
– Homework
– Uses filters
– Make free calls and text messages
– Check out funny clips
– Music Videos

To parents
– Do not follow, or stalk your children
– Talk, be curious, ask
– Start with yourself, how are you online?
– Get your own social media that we use to understand us more
– Adults should understand that it is not possible to pause games anymore
– Parents has to understand that we not only use mobiles for social media but also to get information about the world’s problems
– Look at the children’s text messages
– Create rules! Talk about what to watch out for example not to provide personal information, how should we behave online, what is cool / not cool
– Ask who we’re talking to right now and if someone makes us feel uncomfortable
– Trust us
– Stay away
– We understand that they have not grown up with the Internet and social media, rely more on us and we tell if something would happen
– Judge not, try to put yourself in the child’s situation and feelings
– Ask how we feel in the morning
– Show that you too have been young too, tell your story
– Allow the child to come to you, but also show that you are there for them
– Help us, but also give us your own time
– Try different apps that we use
– Let your child / youth show you how an app works

– Communication
– Meet new people
– Keeps me updated on what is happening in the world
– Keep in contact with friends and family, far and near
– #spreadlove
– New cultures and learn languages
– it is fun!
– We get a chance to dare to say what we think and feel
– Easier to talk about difficult things via the Internet
– Easier to spread the message of love
– New friends
– You can find a new hobby
– You can find a new job
– Tell our opinions
– Keep an eye on trends and get inspiration such as fashion and fitness
– Get girls
– Get more likes and followers
– Documenting your life, memories
– Take part in other people’s lives

– One’s image is online forever
– Anonymity
– Fake accounts
– Hard to notify if one is anonymous
– Getting filmed without permission
– Easier to spread hatred, false rumors
– We may get the wrong picture of the world
– Searching attention in the wrong way, show challenging images
– You can be hacked
– It can be persecuted
– You can be bullied
– Pedophiles can contact you
– Grooming
– Online bullying
– You feel uncomfortable with their body / appearance
– Comparing yourself with others and do not feel good or adequate
– You do not go out as often
– We are becoming more antisocial
– Create a false identity
– Everything found there on the internet forever



– Ask if you want to be in the picture and get permission
– Block
– Breaking contact with the one shitty
– Like each image and give nice comments
– Do not give attention to those who hate
– Trying to stop bullying!
– Do not force someone into something they do not want, such as show themselves naked
– Listen to parents, not to use ipad, mobile long
– Spread postiva comments
– Do not offend, förlämpa or threaten anyone.
– If I write something lousy, I must take responsibility and apologize
– Do not give out their tasks wherever you live
– Understand the impact it can have
– We do not know myckte about our rights and responsibilities, but we should not offend anyone
– Do not hurt the soul

When someone / self is exposed:
– Police report, report on the website.
– Stand up for those who are vulnerable and show support. Show that it is wrong to be shitty
– Talk to the counselor and tell me what happened
– If there is a serious threat, hatred or violation, you can notify the police accompanied by an adult
– Save evidence, conversations, images, screenshots
– Talk to another adult, you can call BRIS – Children’s Rights in Society
– Join together in a group chat to the bully and say STOP, it is not OK
– We have a friend who has suffered and she was very sad and can not cope with life more (class 7a, Elizer, Teddy, Burak, Domian)

Source criticism:
– Check from different sources
– Do not think only of what a person says
– Common sense, it seems unreal, it is 99% percent sure that it is so
– Use Google image search to see where the image came from
– Check who is the sender – who is the most reliable, Aftonbladet or any website with the strange name type gilla.se
– Read the books too
– There are always multiple perspectives on things
– Is it factually or more values, beliefs and thoughts
– Is a blog more credible than a fact page, or a book from school
– Listen to the teacher


TEDx talk – CHECK!

I DID IT!!’ it’s not about being perfect – it’s about being brave! It’s not about being right about everything all the time – it’s about the efforts! the ego is such a fun thing, I think there is a big charm in just being present in the moment, and let all just be what it suppose to be. In my head I could do a lot better and say this or do that differently – but hey, that’s okey because I did the best I could and I felt the power and love shine through me with my messages.

The theme for the evening was ”It´s about time”. And as soon as I got the questions if I would like to be one of the speakers my head got caught up in the title. It´s about time… It´s about time… But it did not take long for me to land and really feel and listen what my perspective on this title would be. I can´t wait to share the speech with you, stay tuned!

13123279_1377748092250624_2623803569547969327_oAnd a big rouond of applause to the team at TEDxSSE who made this possible and also to the other speakers, Kjell Enhager, Anna Hageman Rise, Alexander Bard and Samuel Ericsson.

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