Celebrating International Women´s Day

On International Women´s Day I pulished some photos that I took to celebrate women and our bodies no matter our shape, forms, age, ethnicity or age. This is called Imperfectly Perfect, a collaboration and project with me and the artist Pernilla Pramberg. We wanted to do something to challenge society’s ideal of beauty and norms which often sexually objectifies women. We went out of social media and called for women who wanted to join and challenge the image of the female body, and also strip down naked in the middle of Sergels Torg in Stockholm. And this is the result.


Unfortunately after only a couple of hours my photo got deleted on Facebook because of nudity. I uploaded it again but then together with another picture that a man published on his page. This was my post.

Not long after this post, my photo got deleted again, but his was still left. Facebook deleted my picture and then blocked me. It is because we show the nipples and this dude doesn’t. This is just another case showing how unethic Facebook is when it comes to sexism. We can see this in animal cruilty, women breast feeding, violence and children abuse.


I still want to give a BIG SHOUT OUT to all the women that took the courage to do this with us, and we made a national buzz in Sweden and got Romanian news, and this also brings up the subject of why some pictures of women are allowed and some are not. How come sexual objectified and sexists pictures are still up? Well, the struggle continues and I am willing to do all I can in my power to continue to challange the norms and empower women and young girls all over the world through photography. THANK YOU ALL!!!

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