Felicia Margineanu is a social entrepreneur, author and speaker who since early teenage dared to question herslef, her enviortment and the world. She dared to challenge social norms and expectations of a young girl.

Felicia’s various projects have received great attention and she has several awards and nominations for her work such as “Fighter for Human Rights” – Swedish UN, “Social Impact of The Year” Fryshuset and was in the finale of the Swedish ”Ten Outstanding Young People of the World (TOYP)”.

As a 13 year old, she quit her biggest passion – tennis. Because what others thought and said about her. Felicia found herself again behind the camera and photography turned out to be her profession.

Today, this driving 23-year-old owns several companies as a social entrepreneur. Felicia  also had the courage to stand up for democracy when she was 17 years old via social media and organized a demonstration against racism after the election of 2010. Over 10,000 people gathered at Sergels Torg in Stockholm, it was a testament to her self and other that no matter age and the right to vote can make a difference.

Felicia has a natural ability to inspire and engage others. Closest to the heart is youth engagement, social entrepreneurship, social media and to educate about media criticism and norm criticism focusing on empowerment and awareness. She does this with her photography organization and agency OhSnap! Sweden – a platform for young girls with the camera as a tool for social change.

Felicia is also a writer and  released her first book – “Uppkopplad” in 2015. A handbook and inspirational book for young people, teachers and parents about effective tool to drive social change and fight for democracy and human equality. She shows how social media gives its users unique opportunities to realize creative and political projects, to break standards, adopting and rejecting identities.


Awards and nominations
★ 5i12 Prize
Winner of 5i12 movement’s price against xenophobia and racism, 2010

★ Defender of Human Rights
Diploma of Swedish United Nations Association, 2010

★ Swedish heroes
Nominated by one of Swedens biggest newspaper Aftonbladet, 2010

★ This year’s inspiration
Named one of the year’s inspirers of the magazine Leva, 2010

★ Ten Outstanding Young People of the World (TOYP)
Nominated in the Swedish Competition, 2011

★ Newcomer of the Year
# 26/00 in Shortcut magazine, 2014

★ This year´s Young CEO
The swedish business magazine, Entreprenör, Finalist, 2014

★ Social Impact Of The Year
Winner of a social entrepreneur competition, Fryshuset, 2015

★ This Year´s Young Entrepreneur
Scholarship and award for OhSnap! Sweden, Företagarna 2015

★ This Years´Social Entrepreneur
Sweturk business awards, 2016