Love what you do – do what you love! Success will always be a part of your journey

I did my best, I am thankful and very proud of how far I came. I did this with all my heart and soul, and this may not be the right time or way for me, but what I´ve learned through all of these years of working towards my dream, you should never, ever ever give up on your dreams. I don´t see the rejections, I see the solutions and opportunities that comes to me. I create my own destiny and I am open for all of the new experiences, knowledge and joy that brings to it. Yes, I know that when you truly do what you love, and love what you do – success will always be a part of your journey. Reach for Change Sweden, Thank you for giving me this chance, I made it top 32, I will continue on building up and develop my organisation*, I see 100 new doors open with this, Thank you, and to the rest of you that made it through, GO GO GO!!!


*OHSnap!, a photocenter for young girls where the camera is their tool to communicate and to change the world with. Photography is a universal language! To be in the moment just being themselves, create their own perspective and be a part of, and having the power to change what´s out in the media today (beautyideal).

Thank you all for your support. I´m looking forward to get started with this for real now! This showed me I´m on the right track