OhSnap! Sweden and Reach For Change LAB projekt – press launch

Wow! Dreams do come true – if you work hard for them! I applied for Reach For Change Sweden the first time 3 years ago with an idea for a better world with focus on your girls. Last year when I applied I made it to top 30 out of 700 participants. They told me to come back with a team and a pilot group. Today we stood there as a team with me, our method developer, coordinator and three young female students and photographers as volunteers who will with me hold in the photography education.


To see my name and face on that screen was an amazing feeling. I know that this is once in a lifetime opportunity. Not many organizations get this awesome chance and help in the ”start up” process. When things are RIGHT, things are LIGHT. I call it flow… And wow what a flow we´ve had for the past months. In july 2014 we will start with our first group of girls and start to educate them in photography and social impact. With the LAB projekt we will get expertis and mentorship to help us start and develop in the best way possible.


I am thankful. So very thankful, and ready to do some serious KICK ASS work! 🙂

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