Reach For Change Pitch – Sweden

With the hand on my heart, it is with all of my love and last energy I can say; I DID IT! And THANK YOU for your support, I know that many of you sent me some energy and good luck wishes. I felt it! Huh…. Breaaaaathe! The pitch went good, I stumbled on my words in te beginning as I felt that I have so much to say and my energy and adrenaline was boosted to the max. I just feel it my whole body and soul that this is it. It’s my time and I’m ready to combine all that I am and stand for as a photographer, entrepreneur and human being, to take this step forward and make a change. On Monday we will know how many of us that got though to the final step – jury. After that the chosen 5 will be presented. I am so proud of being one if these amazing and inspiring persons that got this far, 700 down to 32. Thank you Reach For Change for this opportunity and THANK YOU all the amazing people that I met today that has the heart in the right place and takes action for making a better world for kids and youth all over the world.



IMG_9974 IMG_9975 IMG_9976  IMG_9978 IMG_9980 IMG_9982

IMG_9992    IMG_9997 After the pitch it felt like a big stone lifted of my shoulders, and it felt just right and the perfect time to spend the day with me, myself and I. So I went to Älvsjömässan for the big swedish Fotomässan.

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