Felicia Margineanu Föreläsning!

TEDx talk – Felicia Margineanu

In autumn I wrote in my manifestation book that one of my goals in 2016 was to do a TEDx talk. I April this happened! I was so nervous is was shaking and this is for sure one of the biggest dreams I’ve had so far!!!

I’m sharing my personal story and the idea of finding yourself behind the camera, how to break free of the norms and break the stereotypical idea of a man and a woman. Our media society and popular culture is not only hurting, but also pulling back a lot of young girls and guys into becoming their own authentic self.

Please enjoy my talk and share it with your friends if you like it ? THANK YOU!

600 kids about social media

Ever wondered what 600 kids does on social media? I have the answer!

I was invited to a school here in Stockholm to talk about social medias opportunities, since that is what I focus on. I am so sick and tired of the medias picture of internet and social media when it comes to kids using. Net hate, bullying, suicide, stress, gaming etc etc. I am NOT saying that those things doesn´t excists, but we have to show the positive sides too. How could we cheer and encourage the positivte sides if we´re not aware of them?

I started the day with meeting the whole school, over 600 students in two lectures. After the lecture I sent them back to their classrooms with their teachers where they got some questions to answer, discuss and write them down – or however they wanted to illustrate their answers.

1. What social media do you use, and what do you do there?
2. What positive/negative things are there in social media?
3. What responsibility do you have on internet? And what can you do if someone gets bullied?
4. What could your parents/teachers do to learn more about social media and to understand you more?
5. How are you being critic to the source? Do you believe in everything you see/read?

I got over 100 papers back with some really inspired drawings, ideas and thoughts. I sat and gathered all the information from every single paper, to later meet their parents and talked with them about the results. This was a really fun and inspiring way to work, I love to interact and envolve people, not just to stand and speaking for one hour and then I´m gone.

13102894_10154076083951063_5851842675726432182_n 13124970_10154076084421063_8786887800061062122_n   13139127_10154076084271063_1574834060048446080_n  13151846_10154076084556063_7552977981346668750_n  13177065_10154076084641063_5231550184908924250_n

Here are some of their thoughts and ideas:

Social media platforms
Instagram, Kik, Snapchat, ask.fm, Periscope, Youtube, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Skype, ooVoo, 9gag, Viber, momio, vine, musicali.ly, Minecraft, Roblox, Google, Wikipedia, Netflix

What do I do?
– Talk to friends, family, cousins, extended family both in other countries and at home.
– Listen to music
– Following celebrities
– Viewing images, like and follow each other
– Play games
– Chat
– Homework
– Uses filters
– Make free calls and text messages
– Check out funny clips
– Music Videos

To parents
– Do not follow, or stalk your children
– Talk, be curious, ask
– Start with yourself, how are you online?
– Get your own social media that we use to understand us more
– Adults should understand that it is not possible to pause games anymore
– Parents has to understand that we not only use mobiles for social media but also to get information about the world’s problems
– Look at the children’s text messages
– Create rules! Talk about what to watch out for example not to provide personal information, how should we behave online, what is cool / not cool
– Ask who we’re talking to right now and if someone makes us feel uncomfortable
– Trust us
– Stay away
– We understand that they have not grown up with the Internet and social media, rely more on us and we tell if something would happen
– Judge not, try to put yourself in the child’s situation and feelings
– Ask how we feel in the morning
– Show that you too have been young too, tell your story
– Allow the child to come to you, but also show that you are there for them
– Help us, but also give us your own time
– Try different apps that we use
– Let your child / youth show you how an app works

– Communication
– Meet new people
– Keeps me updated on what is happening in the world
– Keep in contact with friends and family, far and near
– #spreadlove
– New cultures and learn languages
– it is fun!
– We get a chance to dare to say what we think and feel
– Easier to talk about difficult things via the Internet
– Easier to spread the message of love
– New friends
– You can find a new hobby
– You can find a new job
– Tell our opinions
– Keep an eye on trends and get inspiration such as fashion and fitness
– Get girls
– Get more likes and followers
– Documenting your life, memories
– Take part in other people’s lives

– One’s image is online forever
– Anonymity
– Fake accounts
– Hard to notify if one is anonymous
– Getting filmed without permission
– Easier to spread hatred, false rumors
– We may get the wrong picture of the world
– Searching attention in the wrong way, show challenging images
– You can be hacked
– It can be persecuted
– You can be bullied
– Pedophiles can contact you
– Grooming
– Online bullying
– You feel uncomfortable with their body / appearance
– Comparing yourself with others and do not feel good or adequate
– You do not go out as often
– We are becoming more antisocial
– Create a false identity
– Everything found there on the internet forever



– Ask if you want to be in the picture and get permission
– Block
– Breaking contact with the one shitty
– Like each image and give nice comments
– Do not give attention to those who hate
– Trying to stop bullying!
– Do not force someone into something they do not want, such as show themselves naked
– Listen to parents, not to use ipad, mobile long
– Spread postiva comments
– Do not offend, förlämpa or threaten anyone.
– If I write something lousy, I must take responsibility and apologize
– Do not give out their tasks wherever you live
– Understand the impact it can have
– We do not know myckte about our rights and responsibilities, but we should not offend anyone
– Do not hurt the soul

When someone / self is exposed:
– Police report, report on the website.
– Stand up for those who are vulnerable and show support. Show that it is wrong to be shitty
– Talk to the counselor and tell me what happened
– If there is a serious threat, hatred or violation, you can notify the police accompanied by an adult
– Save evidence, conversations, images, screenshots
– Talk to another adult, you can call BRIS – Children’s Rights in Society
– Join together in a group chat to the bully and say STOP, it is not OK
– We have a friend who has suffered and she was very sad and can not cope with life more (class 7a, Elizer, Teddy, Burak, Domian)

Source criticism:
– Check from different sources
– Do not think only of what a person says
– Common sense, it seems unreal, it is 99% percent sure that it is so
– Use Google image search to see where the image came from
– Check who is the sender – who is the most reliable, Aftonbladet or any website with the strange name type gilla.se
– Read the books too
– There are always multiple perspectives on things
– Is it factually or more values, beliefs and thoughts
– Is a blog more credible than a fact page, or a book from school
– Listen to the teacher


TEDx talk – CHECK!

I DID IT!!’ it’s not about being perfect – it’s about being brave! It’s not about being right about everything all the time – it’s about the efforts! the ego is such a fun thing, I think there is a big charm in just being present in the moment, and let all just be what it suppose to be. In my head I could do a lot better and say this or do that differently – but hey, that’s okey because I did the best I could and I felt the power and love shine through me with my messages.

The theme for the evening was ”It´s about time”. And as soon as I got the questions if I would like to be one of the speakers my head got caught up in the title. It´s about time… It´s about time… But it did not take long for me to land and really feel and listen what my perspective on this title would be. I can´t wait to share the speech with you, stay tuned!

13123279_1377748092250624_2623803569547969327_oAnd a big rouond of applause to the team at TEDxSSE who made this possible and also to the other speakers, Kjell Enhager, Anna Hageman Rise, Alexander Bard and Samuel Ericsson.

Mindfulness working

The sun is shining here in Stockholm and so is my soul and energy too! It´s amazing how much light and warmth can do to you. I am so happy that the spring is here after a long, cold and grey winter.

I have lived in my apartment for 5 years now and the last years I have had both time and money to spend on my apartment to make it feel more like MY HOME. Of course, Ice and Magic, my cats, are the best investment 🙂

But one thing is for sure holy and spiritual for me, where I can reload myself. It´s the balcony! So today I gave myself some spiritboost and worked on the balcony. I am so thankful for being able to work like this, I feel free, happy and focused.

What do you do to work mindfulnessly? 🙂 Here is also my playlist for today:





Peek a boo Magic!


Ice enjoys the sun!

Speaker at library conference about freedom of speech and democracy

Brrrrrrrr… Some days ago I was visiting the north of Sweden in the wonderful city Umeå. I was one of the speaker at a library conference. Of course my theme and focus was social medias opportunities and how social media can be a tool for democracy. I think that the Swedish library law paragraph 2 says it all and connects the way libraries should be, how I see internet (translated from Swedish to English):

All publicly funded libraries under the Library Act (2013: 801) has a common purpose described in § 2.

2 § The libraries in the public library system will work for the democratic development of society by contributing to the dissemination of knowledge and freedom of opinion. The libraries in the public library system has to promote the position of literature and interest in education, information, research and cultural activities in general. Librarianship will be available to all.

I was invited by Umeås stadsbibliotek and at the evening I had a lecture where The Museum of Women´s History in Umeå invited me to speak. I also got invited by P4 Västerbotten, a radio program to talk about my work.

I would once again say thanks for inviting me to your wonderful city and thank you for the lovely meetings and conversations! Umeå, I hope to see you soon again! 🙂

12800140_10153894701626063_267143709498091498_n 12799199_10153894701566063_9441256427666854_n 12801492_10153894701531063_4903786117883321775_n 12809544_10153894701526063_4939455533922918656_n

”Felicia’s lecture was memorable, inspiring and encouraging. She presents exciting methods on how to use social media, to change stereotypes and dull objectification of girls. Simple and fun tools to make the world better and people friendlier.”

Dream coming true! TEDx Stockholm

Wow! No… No I mean, WOOOW! Ever since I started speaking professionally in 2014 I have had my eyes on this goal: talking on TEDx. TEDx talks has been a huge inspiration for me, I mean c´mon you literally have EVEYTHING you could ever wish to listen to, amazing speakers and revolutionating ideas. In autumn 2015 I bought the book by Carmine Gallo: ”Talk like TED”. My intention was simple; I was gonna learn by the best. And yesterday I got the offer to be one of the speaker at a TEDx talk event in Stockholm this April.



I am so excited for this, it´s an honor and a real boost for me. I will start to prepare my speech and, like in all I do, do my very best and put my heart and soul into it 🙂 I will keep you guys updated for more info about the event.

Never ever stop dreaming and WORK HARD for your dreams. I don´t believe in luck, I believe in hard work, dedication and really enjoying what you do.

From Syria with love

Today was a day of reflection. I spent my day with several young men from Syria that are here in Sweden who are applying and waiting for their visa. They live in a small town outside of Ullared, all they have is eachother, their smartphones and their hopes and dreams of living in love and peace. I was invited by the organization 4H Halland to have a lecture and workshop about the power of social media. We talked about social medias opportunities to public opinion, democracy and social impact.

What hit me the most was that they have so much love and greatfulness in their hearts. And what hit me even more is how ignorant and how the Swedish integration system is a total FAILURE. They shared their stories with me and told me how they arrived to Sweden in the dreams of living in peace, but how they randomly got placed in this camp, outside of Ullared, 1 mile into the woods. They have no option what so ever, to just accept it and do the best of it. What they miss, and want is to LEARN Swedish, LEARN about the Swedish culturem history and tradition.

So, I was there to meet and talk to them, to listen to them and hopefully make them feel like someone is really caring about them. I gave them a workshop exercise where they in groups discussed a social issue that they would like to change. It could be anything – anything they felt in their hearts that they would like to change. This is what they did:

12647472_10153842167436063_6214086206989519074_n 12645115_10153842167441063_3233629274090266777_n 12654437_10153842167406063_4886308529052310896_n 12642674_10153842167351063_8807819083438005538_n 12651378_10153842167271063_5932231452866245478_n 12642772_10153842167126063_3420085474349954342_n 12661745_10153842167031063_934669666179436702_n

Group 1

”No violence, no racism, social media is a tool for democracy to people in the world. Respect different cultures and religions. We want justice. Make sure our children, the next generation – make them know about war, if they know about the war and the pain, they will save and work for peace. We wish to fix how Swedish people see people like us, we are war refugees, not all arab people are daesh. In Syria, we run from them. We came here because we want to feel like humans, to experience freedom and live a democratic life. We want to say thank you to the Swedish goverment and to the country, this is why we painted this picture to tell you how we are greatful for you and that we are not terrorists.”



Group 2
”We hope that the Swedish goverment and Swedish people wants to meet us who came, and exchange our cultures together. A meeting could be about the life in Sweden tell us how you live in Sweden. We dont know anything about Swedens and how you live here, if this would happend it would be much easier for us. It´s like tea and suger. If Sweden is the tea, we are the suger. We want to make your lives more sweet :). No matter if you are old or young, we dont know everything! You didnt know anything about Syria before the war… All we knew about Sweden was that it is cold and that you are about 9 million people. In Syria  we are 30 millions. We will respect you more if we know your history. Sweden have freedom, freedom of speach freedom of media and stands humanity – we need to know more about you. With this picture we hope the war in Syria stops, we are not terrorists, we just want peace.

Thanks to Sweden, the politicians, the people, the king, everyone!


Group 3
”A problem and issue that we have is that the transport is expensive. Where we live in the camp, it sometimes feels like a prison. We can´t go out, we hope they will move closer to the city. We are depending on Linda who is the resposible of the camp – if Linda is not here, we cant do anything… We would like more possibilities to move around. We get 700 kr/month, that is not enough for us to move around. We would love to meet more people and learn Swedish, it´s not possible if we are stuck here.”

Group 4
”We want to create an action plan where we devide us into groups A B C D and creates a t shirt where is says ”I am a refugee, I am a human”.

A – Stand at a street with much people, give them flowers and a big smile – thank them for their hospitility. This is because we want to show something good and that we are happy to be here. We will take photos and videos and upload it on social media.
B –  Show photos and videos before and after war. This is so show and create awareness of how we were in danger, people died, got raped… Show them why we search about peace and a good life here. We ran from war, we ran from terror, we are humans, we are like like you.
C – dance traditional dance to create awareness and make people look at us.
D – create a website with information and make people support our case. We could also be at a eldery house – to get to know them, learn the language and hear abot their lives.

In every country in the world there is good, and bad… We are good.”


Thank you Halland 4H for the invitaton and the opportinity for me to meet you all. I am very thankful, and hope to see you all again

”Varje människa kan göra skillnad” FRIENDS & Raoul Wallenberg Academy

God kväll kära, kära vänner. Jag sitter här hemma efter en lång dag och lyssnar på lite musik och njuter av en kopp te. Idag var en sån här magisk dag igen. Tryck på play och chilla med mig…

På dagen var jag på Quality Hotel Friends vid Solna och hängde med fantastiska människor från b.la Friends, Raoul Wallenberg Academy och mina vänner Gül Alci, Siavosh Derakhti, Emir Selimi och Sarah Delshad.


Raoul Wallenberg Academy och Stiftelsen Friends driver gemensamt projektet Varje människa kan göra skillnad. Vår övertygelse är att alla kan göra skillnad för ett bättre samhälle, var och en och till- sammans, om vi får rätt kunskap och verktyg. Under denna konferensdag får du lyssna till fyra unga människor som alla har reagerat, engagerat sig och aktivt tagit ställning när de har sett orättvisor i sin vardag och i samhället. Inspireras av deras drivkrafter, engagemang och idéer och ta del av hur det kom sig att just de gick från ord till handling och hur de gick till väga.
Jag föreläste för vuxna/lärare och sedan för elever från två olika gymnasieskolor. Jag pratade såklart om sociala mediers möjligheter baserat på mina egna livserfarenheter och boken Uppkopplad  och berättade om OhSnap! Sweden och vårt mission i att förändra den mansdominerade fotobranschen och skeva skönhets/modeindustrin. Sedan var det full inspiration av dem andra föreläsarna och Gül som grym moderator!
Stort tack till Friends och Raoul Wallenberg Academy för er inbjudan, och stort tack för all respons efter föreläsningen 🙂 Det värmer alltid i mitt hjärta när elever och lärare kommer fram efteråt för att skaka hand, kramas och hälsa. Som Gül sa: Våga, våga vara dig själv och älska dig själv!

Bokmässan 2015 – dag 1, Uppkopplad

Det regnar som bara den här i centrala Göteborg, vilket slut på dagen! Jag åkte från Stockholm runt halv 10 i morse och tog mig direkt till hotellet här i Göteborg. Tog en dusch, sminkade mig och förberedde lite böcker och visitkort till bokmässan. Det är första gången jag är på svenska bokmässan, i år debuterade jag som författare med boken Uppkopplad, och debuterar också med bokmässan. Jag skulle nog jämföra bokmässan med Almedalen som jag varit på två gånger förut. Det är verkligen creme de la creme inom litteratur, bokförlag, författare och allt som har med böcker, utbildning, forskning men också något som säkert är relativt nytt: digitala medier och böcker.


Jag hängde med underbara Anna från Kult PR som var ansvariga för min PR inför boksläppet. Vi hängde på Kulturkollos mingel på eftermiddagen och sedan var vi runt och tittade runt bland alla montrar. Jag undrar om Sverige inte är ett av de länder som LÄSER mest. Det är sjuuuuukt hur mycket böcker som finns här, visst, bokmässa i all ära men – det är så många olika bokförlag, författare, bokbutiker, skolor, universitet, utbildningar, entreprenörer, författare, ja rubbet – som är här.

Under dagen hängde jag också i b.la Kvinnliga Talare montern med Angeli Sjöström Hedenberg som precis släppt sin bok Föräldraprenör, sedan lyssnade jag på min förebild Brit Stakston och Martin Schibbye om deras Blank Spot Project. Efter en lång dag mötte jag upp Anna och Karin igen från Kult PR och hängde lite på Albert Bonniers Förlag mingel. Men detta med mingel – alltså, jag är ingen mingeltjej. Att dricka gratis vin är inte på min topplista haha. Med en kurrande mage smög jag och Anna iväg för att äta på Göteborgs hetaste hamburgar-restaurang. Tyvärr, var jag och Anna FÖR hungriga, så vi hann inte fota den feta hamburgaren innan den låg i vår mage 🙂

Nu ska jag njuta av en kingsize säng och harmoni på mitt hotellrum och ladda upp inför morgondagen då jag b.la ska medverka i ett samtal om min bok. Spännande!

Bilderna la sig i fel ordning, så ni får följa mig från kvällens regnpromenad till Kulturkollos mingel på eftermiddagen 🙂



Tack Södertörns högskola! Och krossade fördomar om universitetselever

Förra veckan hade jag min första öppna föreläsning! Det var också första gången jag föreläste på ett universitet. Jag var faktiskt ärligt talat riktigt nervös en hel vecka innan. Jag tror att jag blir lite extra nervös dels för att det är på en SKOLA. Jag hoppade ju av skolan efter först året på gymnasiet för att bygga upp mitt företag och kom aldrig tillbaka. Så just skolmiljöer är lite läskiga ändå… Jag gick runt med tankar om att dem som studenter varav många som studerar media kan mer än mig (vilket vissa såklart kan), men någonstans ändå vart jag osäker och rädd att dem skulle ha extra kritiska ögon mot mig. Jag inbillade ju mig att när man går på universitet så är man ju vuxen, typ, GAMMAL. När eleverna började inta sina platser såg jag att dem flesta faktiskt var i min ålder. Mina fördomar om universitetselever krossades totalt och jag kände mig plötsligt mycket, mycket mer hemma :). Dem var inte alls så läskiga – efteråt fick jag massa beröm och elever som smsade mig och tackade mig. Bland de finaste smsen jag fått efter en föreläsning. Stort tack till er!

Föreläsningen handlade – såklart – om sociala mediers möjligheter och denna gång gick jag in lite mer på strategi och faktisk påverkan. Hur har sociala medier varit en del av världen de senaste åren, förbättrad demokratin och jämställdheten. Arabiska våren är ett klassiskt exempel. Jag delar också med mig av mina egna livserfarenheter hur jag som 17 åring via sociala medier samlade ihop 10 000 personer på Sergels Torg dagen efter valet 2010, hur jag kom in i skönhetstävlingen Miss World Sweden och uppmanade svensk media och Sveriges journalister att lyfta upp FÖRORTEN. boombaam hashtag #förortenimedia

Ni kan se hela min föreläsning på deras hemsida. MYCKET NÖJE! 🙂 Klicka här

Skärmavbild 2015-09-09 kl. 12.30.41


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