Thank you Reach For Change Sweden 2013

I am so excited for 2014!!! I can feel the energy in the air, not only for myself and my business and project but also for these five people/organizations that got the Reach For Change incubator program as this years Change Leaders!


Arkan Asaad
Right 2 Choose
A national organization that educates the forced marriage and human rights , the right to be free to choose their life.

Sanna Bergendahl
Storasyster (Bigsister)
An idea for helping children who have been sexually abused to dare to tell , reporting and giving assistance early enough .

Georgios Karpathakis
wonderful ADHD
Sweden’s only dedicated ADHD organization and platform that diagnosed children , families , schools , nursing and healthcare come together to jointly achieve positive social change .

Rosie Linder and Jesper Engström
With the goal of preventing bullying , eQidz creates the world’s first mobile EQ games for children betweeen 3-6 years and their parents with the aim of through humor and role-playing to teach all about friendship, cooperation , feelings and empathy.

Madeleine Opira
A Million Minds
A Million Minds is a think tank that helps with ideas in different ways, enabling positive change in the million programs areas.
”Earlier this fall the Foundation Reach for Change came out of the country to look for people with cutting-edge ideas about how life can be better for children. In parallel, the hunt also continued in several other countries around the world – Chad, Ghana , Kazakhstan, Rwanda and Tanzania.

These will wage funding for up to three years, access to an incubator program and support from some of the industry’s brightest minds in the Kinnevik Group. That way, they put all their effort and time on developing their idea so that it can reach and help as many children as possible. The persons selected will be part of a global network of child rights heroes like Reach for Change supports .”

Reach for Change, THANK YOU for this year – I´ll see you next year! I am so thankful for this opportunity and to make it to the top 32 really gave me some creds and confirmation that I´m on the right track with my idea. Next time we´ll see eachother it won´t just be an idea in my head and heart, let´s get to work and make this to REALITY!!!