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TEDx talk – Felicia Margineanu

In autumn I wrote in my manifestation book that one of my goals in 2016 was to do a TEDx talk. I April this happened! I was so nervous is was shaking and this is for sure one of the biggest dreams I’ve had so far!!!

I’m sharing my personal story and the idea of finding yourself behind the camera, how to break free of the norms and break the stereotypical idea of a man and a woman. Our media society and popular culture is not only hurting, but also pulling back a lot of young girls and guys into becoming their own authentic self.

Please enjoy my talk and share it with your friends if you like it ? THANK YOU!

Jury at Swedish championships in junior enterprise 2016

I got the honor to be one of the jury members in the category ”Social entrepreneur” in this years Swedish Mastership in junior enterprise. This event is hosted by ”Ung Företagsamhet” – Young Enterprise, Sweden.

Young Enterprise is a politically independent , non-profit educational organization.
Since 1980 , we have trained high school students in the entrepreneurship process
through education UF enterprise. Since 2009 , we also work on the elementary school.

We started the day to read through the final 6 candidates, it was a total mix of social enterprises. One who wanted to challenge the norms in labels and greeting cards, one who wanted to save the Swedish Östersjön from fishing nets that is poisoning our lakes and oceans from the metals that is in the nets, one who wanted to encourage kids to move more and be more aware of diet, health and training through a soccer camp, and some more. 13245423_10154091991771063_7247528248844563622_n


We took a walk through to our participants and roasted them with questions such as:
– What social challange is it that you want to change through your company, and how will you do so?

– How will you measure your social effects?

– Who is your target group and client group?

– Why did you approach this specific social problem?

– How will you create a sustainable company, both financial and social?

And much much more…

I just LOVE to hear how people think and how they present their ideas and visions. Some of them had a really good pitch and felt very secure, mature and aware in their own process.


Meet Mickey Finn:
The basic idea of our company is to manufacture handmade bracelet with locally made hooks and the bottom line from the use of fishing nets from the Baltic Sea. The bottom line contains lead, which we recycle and thereby the underwater life benefits from our choice of materials. With minimal emissions for transportation, we also make the acidified lakes a service. For further help, we donate even 25% of estimated profits to our partner Älvräddarna and Sportfiskarna working actively to improve Sweden’s waterways.


Meet Soccer Camp Mora

Our mission is to offer a high quality football camp for children, we even put the entire family’s health in focus by offering free gym for the parents. Our camp is for children and young people in elementary school from grades one to six. During these weekends we played , laughed , taught the children how a good diet looks like and learned how to cooperate. We tailor each grade games and exercises to their age , because the younger need to focus on the fun of the sport , while the older of course also need joy but more serious and disciplined training.


We have written and illustrated a fictional children’s book that touches  the topic diabetes, targeting type 1. As a parent it can be hard to tell their children what diabetes is. There are terms that are difficult to understand for both children and adults that the book explains in a simple way. This is to increase awareness which ultimately leads to increased understanding, engagement and control of the disease diabetes. The characters in the book are entirely based on real children whose families we have met and spent time with during the product development process. This means that children can relate to the everyday situations the children in the book exposed. Situations where the diabetes can cause complications. The book is unique in its market because there is no other readily available children’s book that touches just diabetes type 1. Diabetes is a disease that easily remains in the background and we have, with the help of our book, increased timeliness and attention surrounding the disease.


Meet Reflow

Reflow provides a ”peer to peer” service for residential ownership households in a fast, easy and convenient way want to get rid of their source-sorted waste, without having to go to the recycling plant. The service is made possible by a digital platform, namely a mobile application, through which the account-holding households can easily go in and add a pickup order for its source-separated waste. This is not more difficult than that as households go into the app, check the what kind of waste you they want to deliver to the garbage disposal station by clicking the ”request pick-up” and then carry out their waste bins. When the order is sent shows up on a map of the application to other private users: the getter. These can then reserve the household, get there, empty vessels and then run away with it to the nearest recycling plant. When the household is marked ready takes an automatic payment from the household side. Alongside its core business provides Reflow even the purchase of recycling containers. This is partly because they it will be as easy as possible for those households that are not sorted prior to actually start sorting, and partly to the households who feel that they want to start using our service will not have to go and look for vessels that correspond our requirements.



Meet Ung Politik – Young politic

We want to increase the voters with the first-time voters and those who have a foreign background . This by mediating political knowledge in various forms primarily to schools, Swedish for immigrants and similar organizations with our political handbook.


A society with a heterogeneous group of individuals , a society characterized by diversity in everything from ethnicity, sexuality to sex also means an enriched society. It is therefore time to lift this diversity and break the negative norms we have in our society by allowing everybody to be represented. We do this on our cards and labels by creating a scene where we have everything from the disabled, homosexuals to a dark-skinned female elf in the center. Our target group was therefore all who celebrate Christmas , Ramadan , birthdays and so on. In that audience is so broad , we try to reach out to our customers in various ways . In addition to social media and digital channels , you can buy our products in several central Borås shops , organizations and religious communities .





After meeting all the finalist we sat down and chose our WINNER! We took this really serious and wants to give a big big shout out to all participants for their hard work, and a big congratulations to the winner!!! The winner is…….

It´s still a secret! But those will be presented here after tonight!


Meet the JURY!

Me 🙂 , Per Collins – ICA, Malin Nyhren – student and previous young enterprise student, Stephanos Tecle – ICA handlarna, Staffan Taylor – speaker and inspirer


TEDx talk – CHECK!

I DID IT!!’ it’s not about being perfect – it’s about being brave! It’s not about being right about everything all the time – it’s about the efforts! the ego is such a fun thing, I think there is a big charm in just being present in the moment, and let all just be what it suppose to be. In my head I could do a lot better and say this or do that differently – but hey, that’s okey because I did the best I could and I felt the power and love shine through me with my messages.

The theme for the evening was ”It´s about time”. And as soon as I got the questions if I would like to be one of the speakers my head got caught up in the title. It´s about time… It´s about time… But it did not take long for me to land and really feel and listen what my perspective on this title would be. I can´t wait to share the speech with you, stay tuned!

13123279_1377748092250624_2623803569547969327_oAnd a big rouond of applause to the team at TEDxSSE who made this possible and also to the other speakers, Kjell Enhager, Anna Hageman Rise, Alexander Bard and Samuel Ericsson.

I am on YOUTUBE! @InTheHeartOfFelicia

I have had this idea for several months now and I KNOW that when a thought or idea just won´t leave your head be – it´s a SIGN to do it!

Follow, subscribe on my channel here!!!

I will share some tips and advices on social entrepreneurship, how to start and build up your company, different creative processes – for example my book process, social media and a lot more  🙂 I am really excited! If you have any ideas or suggestions, PLEASE contact me or on social media.

Here is a video I did yesterday about the day that CHANGED my life and perspective on social media.


From Syria with love

Today was a day of reflection. I spent my day with several young men from Syria that are here in Sweden who are applying and waiting for their visa. They live in a small town outside of Ullared, all they have is eachother, their smartphones and their hopes and dreams of living in love and peace. I was invited by the organization 4H Halland to have a lecture and workshop about the power of social media. We talked about social medias opportunities to public opinion, democracy and social impact.

What hit me the most was that they have so much love and greatfulness in their hearts. And what hit me even more is how ignorant and how the Swedish integration system is a total FAILURE. They shared their stories with me and told me how they arrived to Sweden in the dreams of living in peace, but how they randomly got placed in this camp, outside of Ullared, 1 mile into the woods. They have no option what so ever, to just accept it and do the best of it. What they miss, and want is to LEARN Swedish, LEARN about the Swedish culturem history and tradition.

So, I was there to meet and talk to them, to listen to them and hopefully make them feel like someone is really caring about them. I gave them a workshop exercise where they in groups discussed a social issue that they would like to change. It could be anything – anything they felt in their hearts that they would like to change. This is what they did:

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Group 1

”No violence, no racism, social media is a tool for democracy to people in the world. Respect different cultures and religions. We want justice. Make sure our children, the next generation – make them know about war, if they know about the war and the pain, they will save and work for peace. We wish to fix how Swedish people see people like us, we are war refugees, not all arab people are daesh. In Syria, we run from them. We came here because we want to feel like humans, to experience freedom and live a democratic life. We want to say thank you to the Swedish goverment and to the country, this is why we painted this picture to tell you how we are greatful for you and that we are not terrorists.”



Group 2
”We hope that the Swedish goverment and Swedish people wants to meet us who came, and exchange our cultures together. A meeting could be about the life in Sweden tell us how you live in Sweden. We dont know anything about Swedens and how you live here, if this would happend it would be much easier for us. It´s like tea and suger. If Sweden is the tea, we are the suger. We want to make your lives more sweet :). No matter if you are old or young, we dont know everything! You didnt know anything about Syria before the war… All we knew about Sweden was that it is cold and that you are about 9 million people. In Syria  we are 30 millions. We will respect you more if we know your history. Sweden have freedom, freedom of speach freedom of media and stands humanity – we need to know more about you. With this picture we hope the war in Syria stops, we are not terrorists, we just want peace.

Thanks to Sweden, the politicians, the people, the king, everyone!


Group 3
”A problem and issue that we have is that the transport is expensive. Where we live in the camp, it sometimes feels like a prison. We can´t go out, we hope they will move closer to the city. We are depending on Linda who is the resposible of the camp – if Linda is not here, we cant do anything… We would like more possibilities to move around. We get 700 kr/month, that is not enough for us to move around. We would love to meet more people and learn Swedish, it´s not possible if we are stuck here.”

Group 4
”We want to create an action plan where we devide us into groups A B C D and creates a t shirt where is says ”I am a refugee, I am a human”.

A – Stand at a street with much people, give them flowers and a big smile – thank them for their hospitility. This is because we want to show something good and that we are happy to be here. We will take photos and videos and upload it on social media.
B –  Show photos and videos before and after war. This is so show and create awareness of how we were in danger, people died, got raped… Show them why we search about peace and a good life here. We ran from war, we ran from terror, we are humans, we are like like you.
C – dance traditional dance to create awareness and make people look at us.
D – create a website with information and make people support our case. We could also be at a eldery house – to get to know them, learn the language and hear abot their lives.

In every country in the world there is good, and bad… We are good.”


Thank you Halland 4H for the invitaton and the opportinity for me to meet you all. I am very thankful, and hope to see you all again

Årets julklapp!

Årets julklapp! Beställ en signerad bok av Uppkopplad och få den postad innan jul. Uppkopplad – En guide till sociala mediers möjligheter är en inspirationsbok med mängder av konkreta tips och råd om hur man kan använda internet för att förverkliga sina idéer och projekt. Boken riktar sig till barn, men även till lärare och föräldrar som vill lära sig mer om möjligheterna med sociala medier. För varje bok skänker jag 5 kr till Non-Violence Project Sweden som jobbar med icke-våldsutbildning med barn och unga i landet.

Pris 210 kr

Kommentera nedan eller maila med antal och leveransadress.



Du som smygfotade tiggande kvinnor vid Centralen – kändes det bra? METRO DEBATT

Hörru, du som precis stod och smygfotograferade de kvinnor som tigger vid Centralen i Stockholm. Du som skrattade åt mig när jag snällt bad dig att lägga ner kameran, då jag såg att de gömde sitt ansikte för dig och bad dig sluta fota.

Jag kände hur mitt hjärta slog snabbare. Någonstans i mitt bakhuvud tänkte jag på hur det faktiskt ser ut i Rumänien, då det rinner rumänskt blod i min kropp. Jag vet hur tufft det är där, hur många som kämpar för att komma hit till Sverige och Europa för att sen åka tillbaka till sin familj med den lilla summa pengar de får här.

Än en gång bad jag dig att lägga ner kameran, men du menade att du hade all rätt att fota, då du fotar på offentlig plats. Men när jag tog upp min kamera och fotade min offentliga plats, då bad du mig att inte fota dig! Vänta, hur tänkte du nu?

► LÄS MER: SD-politiker klädde ut sig som ”tiggare”

Så din offentliga plats ger dig rätt att smygfotografera utsatta människor och hånskratta åt mig – samtidigt som du ber mig att inte fota dig, trots att du befinner dig på den offentliga plats som jag vill fota? Det handlar inte om vad som är offentlig plats eller inte, det handlar om etik och respekt. Vad ska du göra med bilderna sen? Ladda upp dem på något forum och beklaga dig över hur det ser ut i Sverige? Själv bidrar du bara mer till eländet med din kassa attityd.

Det som gjorde mig ännu mer förbryllad var när jag frågade dig om du skulle ha bett om lov om du skulle fotografera mig? Då tittade du konstigt på mig, rynkade pannan och sa, ”ja, förmodligen”. Men när jag frågade vad som skiljer mig och kvinnorna från varandra, då blev dina steg snabbare och du ryckte på huvudet och gick.

► LÄS MER: Nej, inget storbråk mellan flyktingar och tiggare i Malmö

Är vi på den nivån nu, Sverige? Att vi ska skratta åt civilkuraget? Att vi ska håna dem som redan är utanför samhällets ramar? Låt oss klä ut oss till tiggare på Halloween, låt oss bränna ner asylboenden och fortsätta lägga skulden på alla andra än oss själva. Jag är trött, trött på att gå runt med så mörka tankar om vad som händer i vårt land, jag försöker att ge ljus till min omgivning och inte oroa mig allt för mycket, men när jag ser sådana som dig, så tappar jag tron på mänskligheten.

Men sedan slog det mig att det är sådana som jag och många andra i vårt vackra land, vi som varje dag visar civilkurage genom mod, samtal och kärlek, som faktiskt står för mänskligheten.

Inte sådana som du.

Läs och dela artikeln här

Jag tar emot ”Årets stipendium till en ung entreprenör” av Företagarna

Jag blev oerhört rörd på scen i fredags när jag fick ta emot ”Årets stipendium till en ung entreprenör” som Företagarna ger varje år. Stipendiet får jag främst för mitt entreprenörskap och arbete med OhSnap ! Sweden Med nomineringen; ”Årets stipendiat har med sitt uthålliga och långsiktiga arbete stärkt hundratals unga tjejer genom kurser, föreläsningar, ledarskapsutbildningar och introduktion till företagande. Med kameran som verktyg har hon förändrat idealen inom skönhetsindustrin och den mansdominerade fotobranschen. Hon är en sann entreprenör, ambassadör och ledare för ungdomar i hela landet.”

Jag har, som många av er vet, kämpat och kämpat för det jag brinner för och tror på. Ungdomarnas kraft. Tända gnistan hos dem. Ikväll när jag stod där på scen och fick en sån stark känsla av KÄRLEK och uppskattande för det hårda arbete jag har lagt ner under flera år så kunde jag inte annat än att känna tacksamhet, stolthet och glädje. Tack för alla ni som tror, hejar och stöttar mig på så många olika sätt.

Det här stipendiet är inte bara till mig, det är ett kvitto och bevis att våga följa sitt hjärtas kraft och förhoppningsvis inspirerar detta många unga kvinnor att våga starta företag och framförallt – våga göra affärer på saker som gör gott för vår värld!

Jag tar framförallt med mig samtalet med Göran, som nämnde sin dotter som är intresserad av tech och kodning. Att du när du såg mig på scen, såg din dotters möjlighet att en dag också stå där. Wow… Jag har en energi som kommer driva mig länge efter kvällen som varit.

Bokmässan dag 2 – Uppkopplad

Gårdagen var en dag full av MAGISKA möten. Det är ganska sjukt hur universum funkar och hur man med rätt energier och frekvenser hamnar i dem möten man faktiskt kommit hit för.

Igår hade jag mitt seminarium på Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan om sociala mediers möjligheter och pratade om boken Uppkopplad. Jag hade förberett mig med full laddad kamera och mobil, jag sände LIVE från Periscope, men såg att mobilen sen hade trillat och min videokamera fick för sig att bara spela in 20 sekunder, för att sen stängas av. KUL! Så jag har tyvärr inget material från gårdagens samtal. Men efter mitt seminarium så röck SVT väst tag i mig och ställde en fråga som hade skickats in till dem via Twitter. Detta måste vara den svåraste frågan jag någonsin fått: ”Hur ska man få ungdomar att uppskatta demokrati?” 

Under kvällen sen hängde jag med underbara Beautiful Stories som jag är en del av, Helena, Ulrica och Carin är by far några av de finaste människorna jag träffat. Vi åt en middag på mitt hotell och sedan var vi bjudna på Rättviseförmedlingens förfest. Natten slutade med en promenad för att sen fastna i hotell lobbyn där jag träffade föreläsaren Staffan Taylor, underbara Alexandra Pascaliodou och Tilde De Paula.


12006199_10153583748771063_2456663482878466707_n 12006074_10153584491431063_2166935353599047659_n 11062133_10153584491446063_3324220132127641268_n 11057971_10153584496271063_6024941635325007237_n


Bokmässan 2015 – Here I come!

Wow! I år gör jag premiär på bokmässan med min bok Uppkopplad, känns riktigt spännande! Jag sitter på tåget nu från Stockholm till Göteborg och kollar genom årets program. Inser att det är som ett Almedalen 2.0. Huuuuur mycket seminarium och program som helst, men jag tror det bästa är att bestämma sig för några seminarium och sen bara få runt och nätverka och mingla.



Jag kommer att medverka på Kulturkollo idag torsdag och imorgon med Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan – jag hoppas vi ses där! Och är du på bokmässan, se till att kontakta mig så ses vi bland böckerna och inspirationen!

Jag finns också på Twitter under helgen @Feliciawithaf

12006368_10153581782681063_1510856437382234248_n 12038224_10153581782661063_4403594462103440573_n

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