That birthday on Disneyland…

I see how I stand there … with my son in one hand, a daughter in the other, which in her hand holds her little sister’s hand .. I am embraced by my husband. There are fireworks and we are at Disneyland. The babygirl has a biiiig cotton candy that she has gone around the whole day with, and struggled to eat up, big sister has got lot of necklaces from all the Disney princesses and little Leon-Alexander hold onto his Nemo stuffed animal.. We creates memories, photographs and documents to the family book. When we are at home we are painting, dancing, singing and playing monkeys … But this particular Disney evening, will I have one day
disney 2
* I´m turning 21 in about 45 min… Life is just amazing, and it can just get better and better, I look forward to whatever life has to offer. But this Disney evening, I will have one day when it´s my birthday…..

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