The best gift to myself and the world

Good evening, good morning or good afternoon wherever in the world you are. I have decided to start write in English, as I for the first time in long took a look at my statistics. There is almost tripple more American visitors and viewers on my website/blog than Swedish ones. Whaaaaaaat? So, heeeelloooo the rest of the world – I am so glad and happy that you all can take a part of my fantastic journey.

The holidays has just flashed by, I don´t know about you but I have not had any Christmas feelings at all. No snow = no real christmas. But I am very thankful for the Christmas Evening I spent with my family, home at my mothers house with my siblings, grandmother, cousin and aunt. We had a lovely Christmas dinner and quality time. Christmas, or any holiday is for sure something to take in and be greatful for – it gives even more time and opportunities to spend time with your family and loved ones. Specially in todays society when we all are sooooo ”buys and connected”.

So, 2015 is soon over and I am really, REALLY excited for the new year. I am not that caught up in TIME –  we have all that time no matter if it´s the end of the year, start of the year or in the middle of the year, but there is really something relieving in letting go of 2015. It has been a very emotional year, in my previous post you can take a look back from my 2015. And when it comes to work, I am  depended on planning ahead, and 2016 is a year full of ENERGY, BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT, CREATVITIY AND HARD WORK. Still, what you harvest will take it´s time to bloom, and I just feel that  2016 will be one of THOSE year that alot of my hard, hard work will pay off and take it´s ture shape.

So, the best thing I could do for myself and by giving myself that self-love, I will also be a better person, who are in my true higher self, being even more able to create and help our world to be a better place. I bought myself a trip to… MIAMI! Miami has been a very special place for me since I was 16.

My first visit in Miami, 2009

1934423_128213446062_175501_n 1934423_128213286062_2402876_n 1934423_125993681062_7590106_nI had big dreams of becoming the best photographer in the world and once I saw Miami on pictures and TV, my heart begged me to go. I did not only fell in love in the city, I also fell in love with Salsa! So my first trip to Miami was when I was 16, then I have visited for at least 4-5 times after that. In 2011 I even won a trip to Miami with my best friend Martina – we stayed in Al Capones old house and was the queens of Miami!


The last time was a couple of years ago… Miami for me, is a place where I really can recharge my battetries. Salsa, the beach, palmtrees, good friends and the feeling of being home. I am very spontanious, and when my heart leads me to the same idea, thought or feeling – I just KNOW I have to do whatever it shows me. So Miami, my dear friends Marco and Miguel, the beach, Salsa and whatever that is meant for me in Miami… See you in March!

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