Tired eyes and energy, but awakening in my heart and soul – THANK YOU for todays meeting

Just returned from a fantastic evening . Exhausted , tired and I can barely keep my eyes open . But my heart is so alert, lively and happy! A big THANK YOU to everyone who attended tonight on our dialogue meeting for a better Edsberg and about our new youth activities that we WILL start up together with the youth and youth adults. I want to give a special thanks to guest speakers Richard Buske ( Security in Sollentuna), Anders Morin ( FP) Chairman of the Education and Employment Committee, Magnus Ramstrand (KD) Chairman of Culture and Leisure . An Additional thanks to Maria Stockhaus (M) councilor chairman of the Children and Youth Committee , Anna-Karin from the Security , Eduardo Alvaro Zagal ( Löparakademin ), Jonas Bygdeson ( My Dream Now) , former colleagues and teachers from the Edsbergs School , Kalle and Kalle from Youth Marketing and Research , Crippe that we worked with last summer with activities for young people and Julia ( Maskrosbarn ) who took the time to attend. But an EXTRA thank all YOUNGSTERS who attended and to Jasmina who helped with the preparations with refreshments and coffee.

Mona, my dear friend . We did it ! Now we’ve really set the ball rolling , next stop – Meeting with politicians. Take this into action! We are ready with statistical , business plan and long-term budget / funding proposal. But above all , young people’s own thoughts and ideas from tonight’s workshop – about what is important in an organization like this . Why , how, what and who will manage what. This is a shared responsibility , so let ‘s do this !

Thank you and GOODNIGHT !

IMG_0752Mona, we have a history together when we both worked at the same recreation center in 2011. We came close to each other and realized even then that our hearts are passionate about the same questions when it comes to young people , how to operate a business and what you can do better as an individual and as a team. I had to stop at the recreation center and it came as a shock to both me, my collegeus, the youths and Mona . We had just started to build a better organization and better communication with the young people , especially with the girls when we started with a girl group where we had a focus on personal development, creativity and activities.
Years passed , Mona worked there but after what happened last summer in Edsberg ( beatings, shootings and threats against staff ) Mona also had to quit. We know how it is , and it ‘s been tough for both of us to have to leave an organization where we have had such a great contact and relationship with the young people . Me and Mona was an awesome team, but , today we are a stronger team . We have grown and evolved together over the summer and stand here today with open arms. We will now start up an organization with a more adult environment , a place where they can come to reflect, develop and influence their lives for the better. Taking the step to dare to follow their dreams , education, work , visions and dreams that might start their own , homework help and inspiration evenings with lectures / tours . Partnerships with other organizations that work with the same issues. Today was a big day for us …


”History will have to record That the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people . ”

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