YES or NO step 3 – Reach For Change

I think we all have been waiting for THAT email, eather if it´s for a potential job, your dream date or might even be from your grandmother saying she will move to the neighbors house, you get my point :)… just THAT mail that could change your life. Today was that day, Over 700 social entreprneurs participated with their ideas for a better life for kids, 200 made it through to step 2, and today only 32 people made it to step 3 – the interview. I´ve been walking around with butterflies in my stomach all day, I felt pretty calm though. But I would lie if I said I wasn´t nervous. In 2011 I searched for the incubator program, I made it to step 3. Back then I had an idea for an organisation that worked with young girls, media/beauty ideal and self esteem. A force and empowerment organisation, for and by girls. It was not THAT clear in my head HOW I would do it, I just knew my WHY and the visions. Today, you see, and even better, you FEEL a stronger, more secure and focused Felicia. I have not only a vision, but I also have the tools and structure HOW to make it possible. My heart is in the right place cooparating with my mind and soul. We make a great team!


So, the question is; Did I make it to step 3 this year?


Tears are running down my face as I´m writing this, it hit me. I am in this, with more consciousness, experiences, knowledge and awareness of what the problems are out there with social media, media and the beauty ideal. But I SEE the solutions very clear. And I know that with my idea OH Snap! could be a great breakthrough for waking awareness of these questions many young girls struggle with today.

I will tell you more about OH Snap!, but I choose to have it a little more closer to my heart until I´m ready. It all has it´s time.

Thank you all for your support. LET´S DO THIS!!!

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